We have both crab fishing and balloon man for the little ones, banko, football tournament and mini golf tournament for the slightly older ones.

Here at Kongshøj Strand Camping, we spend a lot of time on our joint activities, which range widely

The playground is the central point at Kongshøj Strand Camping, children meet here and friendships arise.

Our two bouncy cushions are extremely popular. One is for the ‘grown-up’ children, and the other for toddlers.

There are no fixed activities, they crop up spontaneously and as required. On warm, calm evenings we invite guests to take part in baking twistbread.

There is a children’s discotheque for toddlers, and there are also opportunities for a dance for ‘the mature’.

Guests can spent countless hours on our safe beach. A dip is the preferred choice on hot days and the children’s buckets and spades should not be forgotten.

The playgrounds are filled with equipment that suits both large and small children

In addition to our activities, we also have two playgrounds were you can unleash your children. The playgrounds are filled with equipment that suits both large and small children. This includes towers, slides, seesaws and a large hamsterwheel. However the most popular equipment is of course our two bouncy cushions, where children can spend countless hours.

Right next to our big playground we have a small petting zoo, where the entire family can enjoy watching and petting with our goats and rabbits. In another enclosure with have larger animals such as goats sheeps and Shetland ponies.

If the weather is not suited for outdoor, you can go inside our activityhall, where you can play badminton, tabletennis or darts.

Good chance to cath a pike

Use your fishing rod either from the coast or at our freshwater lake, and there is a good chance of catching a pike to make some delicious fish rissoles with.

Otherwise time is occupied at Kongshøj Strand Camping in taking walks in the nearby Tårup Lundeskov woods, relaxing, or organizing a barbecue.

Here are some of the activities, which are taking place on the campsite.