About the camping site

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Kongshøj Strand Camping is a cozy family site

Kongshøj Strand Camping is a cozy family site, which was started in the 1960s by Jørgen and Rita Sønderby. From the start, it was just a farm, while a campsite was developed in parallel. The last pigs were not sold until 1978, and since then it has been exclusively a campsite, although still with a little farming next to it. Today, the square is owned by Bent and Susanne Sønderby and it is run together with the family.

We attach great importance to service for our guests, and we are always available with information and help. At Kongshøj Strand Camping, you can relax in a cozy atmosphere in peace and quiet, or take part in some of our cozy community events, from crab fishing to sno bread and mini golf tournament. When you stay with us, you are also close to many exciting Funen attractions in the area. Or explore our own grounds, where we have our own fishing marsh, football pitches, hiking trails and much more…

We have 250 units on the site

We have 250 units on the site, where all sites have electricity. At the same time, we also have 12 cabins, divided into 4 different categories, of which 8 are brand new from 2015 and 2016.

We have several different types of seats. There are those located in the first row, with a view of the Great Belt, there are pitches close to service buildings and pitches close to playgrounds. There are also lovely corner pitches, with peace and quiet. We have places for all sizes of prams, from the small one-person pram to the large family pram. Most pitches have 3 hedges, which provides optimal sheltered conditions.

At the same time, we also have a nice large tent pitch or Solpladsen, where there is room for many tents. The tent site is in beautiful surroundings with a view beyond our bog. There are also several table bench sets and are ideal for several tents together and groups.

Our location in the middle of the country also makes us ideal for gatherings

Our location in the middle of the country also makes us ideal for gatherings. With only 15 kilometers from the Storebæltsbroen, it is easy for families and friends from all over the country to meet centrally in the country.

We also have good options for hits of different sizes. In addition to our pitches, we have 12 cabins and a luxury summer house of 325 m2 with space for 104 overnight guests. Previous matches include: Ford P7 club, MKP and Hobby club. For exhibitions, we can offer both indoor and outdoor facilities.